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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Coilcraft - Power Magnetics and RF Inductors

Founded in 1945 Coilcraft  is a standard and custom coil manufacturer. They produce inductors for Industrial Segments like telecommunications, instrumentation and computers.

Coilcraft - Power Magnetics and RF Inductors

The types of products include Surface mount inductors,  xDSL magnetics,  Tunable and fixed RF inductors, and High frequency power magnetics.

MoCA filter reference design

Coilcraft - Power Magnetics and RF Inductors

Coilcraft air core inductors provide the high performance needed for MoCA filters. The combination of inductance values and performance make them ideal for the implementation of these filters in set top boxes and cable modems

RF Magnetics
  • Broadband Magnetics
  • Air Core "Spring" Inductors    
  • Broadband Conical Inductors – SMT 
  • Horizontal Mount Tunable Inductors – TH
  • High SRF, High-Current Chip Inductors
Coilcraft, Inc.
1102 Silver Lake Road, Cary IL 60013, USA

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