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fit-PC - Power Efficient Nettop

Low Power Green Consumer Computers - Aleutia

IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society

Mini Circuits - RF and Microwave Components

PMC-Sierra - Broadband - Storage

Fixed WiMAX SoC and RF Module - Fujitsu

Wireless USB - Wireless Extension to USB

Bluetooth Technology - Uniting the Devices

Multi-Tech Embedded Communications Solutions

Lantronix - Wireless Device Networking

Digi - Wireless Device Networking

Qualcomm - Wireless and Portable Device Chips

Wireless Networking Resources

Ultra-Mobile PC - UMPC

Real-time 4x4 MIMO-OFDM Testbed

Personal Telco Project - Oregon

Anritsu Corporation - Test and Measurement

Open source Wireless sensor platform - Waspmote

Modbus Communication Protocol Suite

Wireless Connectivity - Texas Instruments

Honeywell Mobile Wireless Productivity

Broadcom - Communications Semiconductors

Nordic Semiconductor - Wireless Microchip

Sencore - Video Broadcast and Test Systems

Motion Computing - Tablet Computers

Yokogawa - Test and Measurement