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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Ramsey CT-90 - Portable Frequency Counter

Here is a vintage frequency counter that you can build and use it for learning and experiments in your home or office lab. The front end circuits have to be studied. This will help young enthusiasts learn some basics of instrumentation. - delabs Notes

Ramsey CT-90 - Portable Frequency Counter 

The CT-90 is a laboratory quality frequency counter that is capable of use in the lab as well as in the field. Utmost care has been taken in all the design stages to insure that sensitivity and reliabilty were not compromised. The CT-90 has been specifically built for the critical user, as demonstrated by; special  timebase options, nine digit display, three gate times, and a count hold feature.

Ramsey CT-90 - Portable Frequency Counter Schematic

The CT-90 is ideal for portable usage. Leading zero blanking and the micro power oven (optional) allows 2-4 hours of continuous operation using the internal battery supply.

Operation; Operation of the CT-90 is very simple, simply connect your input signal to the proper input jack (10, 60 mhz or 600 mhz) and select the range and gate time. All switches, except the external time base switch (optional) are mounted on the front panel in easy view of the user. A description of the front panel controls follows.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

3 GHz Programmable Counter - Hameg

This counter from Rohde & Schwarz - Hameg has a 10-digit resolution, Nine measurement functions, External reference input (10 MHz) via BNC connector. It has a Measurement range from DC to 3GHz. It has a user friendly menu with advanced functions.

3 GHz Programmable Counter - Hameg

3 GHz Programmable Counter - Hameg

Measurement functions

Frequency A/B/C; period duration A; width A; totalize A; RPM A; frequency ratio A:B; time interval A:B; time interval A:B (average); phase A to B; Duty cycle A; burst measurements

The Input impedance A/B:50Ω or 1MΩ (switchable), sensitivity 25mV. Period duration measurement Range: 5ns to 10,000s.Time interval and Average time interval (Input A = start; input B = stop) LSD: 10ns (0,1ps to 10ns in ‘average’ mode).

The HM8123 comes with a USB/RS-232 interface, as an option the IEEE-488 GPIB interface is available.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Wireless Sensor Network - WSN Kit

This is from Sixfab founded in 2016 by a group of makers & engineers. WSN Dev. Kit is a board that combining Arduino and Sub1 GHz communication module with the rechargeable battery functionality. It has Atmega 328 microcontroller and cc1101 868 Mhz radio module.There are also built-in humidity and temperature sensors

Wireless Sensor Network Development Board

Wireless Sensor Network - WSN Kit

868 MHz Wireless Communication (Up to 100 meters outdoor), Easy programming with Arduino nano-based microcontroller. Rechargeable 1200 mAh Li-on Battery. Easy connection to external sensors (SPI, I2C, Analog Pins and General IO Pins).

delabs Notes

WSN - Wireless Sensor Networks and M2M - Machine to Machine Data Communication;

M2M and WSN is a closed private Intranet network that is used in Manufacturing and Industrial Automation. Here we could use data sync to Interface it with the Web or Internet. This enables passive controls and monitoring of SCADA or Machine Status, yet very Secure.