About Nomadic Computing

Many years before i had created a blog called "Nomadic Computing" to promote wireless portable computing. this was renamed as RF-Wireless ... Handheld computers have become a reality today but things like WiMax appear to be Stuck

RF, Microwave, Wireless, Optics and High Frequency Applications. Low Power Embedded Devices and Networking.

This Blog is about RF, Microwave, Wireless, Optics and High Frequency Applications. Includes Low Power Embedded Devices. Networking such Devices for Automation or Communication. The Software, Hardware and Computing Elements are also covered.

Sections of delabs
That means it will cover, Computing, Web Software, RF-Microwave and Embedded Systems for HandHelds, Computers, Automation and Telecommunication.

RF Wireless Engineering

Computer Interface :

The PC is now an economic and common equipment at home or office. Due to Open source and GNU Linux, many professional programs and environments are easily accessible. To interface it to the real world is a step in learning Automation and Robotics.
In Automation we have both Industrial and Home. You can start with home automation, as industrial automation is more complex. But in Home Automation, Safety First should be emphasized, Any neglect in care of electrical hazards will neutralize any advantage of Home Automation.