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Wireless Devices, Microwave and Fiber Optics.

Download: plextek-rf-pcb-design..jpg

Downloading: plextek-rf-pcb-design..jpg RF Circuit and PCB and Product Design

Plextek from UK is one such firm with such expertise and Experience. Their Technical Information Section gives an insight of important aspects in wireless communication design. Read these first, The Basics of RF System Design, Oscillator Design and Practical RF PCB Design.

Trompeter Electronics RF Connector Cable Assembly

Printed Circuit Board Design Guide - This is an useful reference for PCB design and RF. Here it is about "PCB Mounted RF Connectors". Here you see a important rule "the first rule of connectors is that the best connector is no connector at all...". In RF the connectors and their placement needs extra care. At a frequency of 1 GHz, a short PCB track can become an Antenna !

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